Traditional Japanese Martial Arts of the Samurai and the Ninja

Shidoshi Mark "Masayoshi" Norman

Bujinkan Masayoshi Dojo

Requirements for training

~~Here is what's required for training: First, closely note what I teach and how I teach it, as well as what it is for!   I have no interest at all in teaching or training in "Fighting/MMA/Self Defense" to the casually interested or curiousity seekers!    I teach the ART of WARFARE (or Survival and Combat Destruction of any enemy in your way), that is practical, efficient, and effective, period!    Of course, the waza and heiho can be far more gently applied for self defense purposes.    As well, the philosophical lessons enhance all levels and qualities of the bugeishas‘ life!    Furthermore, I will NOT continue to train anyone whom "I" deem inappropriate for any reason, especially if they show any signs of insincerity or lack of personal integrity.    ANY student of mine must prove themselves to have conviction and commitment to only the Bujinkan Dojo and to what I am teaching them.    I couldn't care less what you learned outside of the Bujinkan!    I promise I will do my utmost to ensure your safety - health - and well being on all levels, but in realistic training, especially as I teach it, there is a slight danger of an accident or injury.    You must realize this completely and not only be ok with it but fully accept the fact that YOU are responsible as well, for your own safety and You take full responsibility for your own choices.    No complaining, you WILL Feel Pain and probably have to soak in a hot tub often!    ...[If it sounds like I am trying to talk you out of training with me, I AM!    I am NOT the teacher for the average so-called "Martial Artist"! ]...    Study the Bujinkan Hombu rules and protocols on the web.    It would also be a good idea to check out "Hatsumi" or "Bujinkan" on YouTube.    Secondly, select a training date from your available schedule and call for an appointment at 423-322-3433, if there is no answer, leave a message.    Thirdly, bring kakki, camo, or black BDU pants or cargo pants with matching plain or Bujinkan sweat or T-shirt and a white web belt from the Army surplus store.    Get some tabi from amazon, ebay, or the local Army Surplus store.    You may purchase a Black Gi, (aka: martial arts training uniform), with white Obi, (aka: belt), from me along with Tabi, (aka: Japanese training shoes).    Lastly, upon arrival, you must fill out a waiver of liability and student application form.    There are no guidelines for how often you train per month although the more you train, the faster you grow... I recommend you try to train at least twice a month.    Each class is a MINIMUM of 2 hours, preferably 3 or 4 hours, (some students train for 5 to 8 hours).    Classes can be private or semi-private, your choice, (and I am fine with training you EVERY DAY that I am free).    I do not run a commercial dojo facility, I train students at my home.    It is always better for you if you can bring a training partner with you as I no longer act as a training partner (let you practice waza on me).    If need be, I can occassionally arrange another person (often, one of my BlackBelt students), to be present to let you practice on them.    In such a case, it is proper protocol for you to show them your appreciation in the form of a gift if you should choose to do so.    However, having a friend or family member, or someone you know and trust, as well as enjoy their company, to train with is invaluable.    Tribute has been, in the past, $45 for one person per hour, $55 per hour for two people, and $65 per hour for three or more students, years later, each went up ten dollars...    The reason I did this is that I discovered that if students do not pay for training, they take it and me for granted and I feel dishonored.   ...{what one does not pay for, is not truly valued and appreciated, as well, the funds helped me devote myself to teaching rather than spending my time working elsewhere and to have the ability to further my own training}...   I no longer require this for legal reasons.    (I do accept "gifts" of your choosing, ONLY if you "choose" to do so, in whatever manner you wish... which is most often placed inside of a red envelope that you provide for yourself, with your name on the outside and what the funds are for, such as equipment, clothing, supplies, ect.    It is impolite to talk about money or to handle it directly.    All students I currently have are Shidoshi-ho, once you reach that level, (2 to 8 years from kyu-kyu), there will be no fees or gifts associated with any of my training except at the Hombu level.    As for tools of the trade or weapons, I greatly prefer to show you how to make them for yourself!    I reserve the right to refuse to train anyone who I feel is not sincere enough or otherwise unsuitable.    I have been a Shidoshi (Instructor of 5th degree Black belt - "Godan") since 1996.    I can promote up to Yondan (4th Degree Black belt) as well as render a "Shidoshi-ho" (Assistant/Junior Instructor) recommendation to the Soke, Hatsumi- Sensei (Grandmaster).    After receiving Yondan, beyond that, you must continue your evolution in person, in Japan.     Only the Soke can promote to Godan and render instructor licenses as a Shidoshi.    If you are just "considering" the Bujinkan, you are probably not worth my time and effort.    I demand a very high degree of SINCERITY – LOYALTY - CONVICTION - and COMMITMENT before even considering training someone.    I have absolutely no desire to train anyone who does not display these attributes and virtues from the beginning!    I train mostly Military, Police, and Special Operations personnel, over 2200 Bugeisha (Warriors) to date.    I do NOT teach self-defense or sport fighting.    My art is a lifelong endeavor!    I have nothing I want to prove to you and will not make any attempt whatsoever to talk you into anything.    It is YOU who must prove yourself to Me if you want what I have to offer... and, I will tell you in advance, if you Do end up training with me, I will do everything I can to make you quit and go away, until I am absolutely sure of your intention and will to "attain", "achieve", and "devote" yourself to a life-long commitment to perfection of the "Warrior Pathway to Enlightenment"!    You might be much better off and happier, taking some karate classes or better yet, Judo...    oH, THERE IS ANOTHER BUJINKAN DOJO IN CHATTANOOGA...    the Chattanooga Bujinkan Dojo or Bujinkan Chattanooga Dojo... something like that...    Whatever happens, I hope you will find content fulfillment and joyous advancement in your training, be safe and well. Budo Ikkan...  Shidoshi Masayoshi